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Fabric Care

When it comes to laundry washing, our products deliver, whether it is Commercial laundries, On Premise Laundries or Health Care Laundries. Our range of products helps you achieve outstanding and cost effective results consistently at every stage of the washing process.

Our extensive portfolio of laundry products and wash processes has been created to ensure exceptional performance in linen care reducing rewashing.

Exclusive Work Force Training by Anichem It has been proven that training your work force yields improved results and levels of safety. Anichem has created a training package for laundries and safety. It helps in identifying and handling of stains. Our team of field-based experts is always available to lend additional hands-on support and advice. Anichem Speciality is a member of the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute International, USA (Formerly known as International Fabric Care Institute).