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Sour /Neutralizer

These are designed to lower the pH of the final rinse in the washing machine and to ensure that all residues of chemicals used in the process are removed. These are also used to remove the traces of rust present in the water to prevent the greying or yellowing of the fabric during finishing. This is important as failure to remove certain common wash chemicals could lead to textile damage or reduction in productivity and also can cause skin irritation in certain cases. 

Anichem Speciality range of sours include both powder and liquid forms to take care of the residual alkalinity, chlorine and rust depending upon the nature of products used.


Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM CS93 Alkali And Chlorine Neutralizer With Brightener
ANICHEM LCS116 Alkali And Chlorine Neutralizer
ANICHEM LRGS106 Liquid Rust Removing And Alkali Neutralizer
ANICHEM RGS94 Rust Removing And Alkali Neuterlizer