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Bleaches & Destainers

Special treatment and a different type of destainer/bleach is required for stain removal from linens. Bleaches are necessary for the removal of oxidizable/ reduceable stains in the wash process. Stains from red wine, tea or coffee cannot be normally removed by the detergent alone. Destainer/bleach must be used to ensure that the fabric returns to its original state. 

The Anichem range of bleaches consists of both chlorine and oxygen based products to fulfill every application and are available in both liquid as well as powder forms.


Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM CB85 Chloro Bleach For Laundries
ANICHEM LCD109 Liquid Chlorinated Destainer
ANICHEM OB89 Oxygen Bleach For Laundries
ANICHEM LAD13 Low Temperature Acetoxy Based Destainer For Coloured