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Emulsifiers help in emulsifying the grease and oil, thus suspending and preventing it from re-depositing on the fabric in the wash solution. These are called boosters as it enhances the performance of the main wash detergents. Detergent boosters are a key element of the wash chemistry when processing polyester cotton work wear. 

Anichem Speciality detergent boosters/emulsifiers have been formulated to work in harmony with the main wash detergent products to give excellent oil and fat based soil removal.


Product Description Downloads
ANICHEM Detergent Emulsifier DE120 Low Temperature washing detergent emulsifier
ANICHEM LEGS122 Liquid Laundry Emulsifier For Greasy Soils
ANICHEM Detergent Emulsifier DE24 Concentrated Emulsifier for Fabric Washing